Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mandatory Evacuation Alert

Much to my dismay, Friday afternoon brought with it a Mandatory Evacuation Alert for all residents residing within Zone A. We were ordered to evacuate on or before 5pm on Saturday. I was still not convinced. Hurricane force wind probabilities according to NOAA / NHC were 10% or less. Storm surge greater than 4 foot was at 5-10%.

The dogs were not happy about this.

On Friday evening I spoke with neighbors in our building to get a rough consensus as to how many people would be staying vs. leaving. It appeared as though many people, specifically those whom did not have small children with them, were opting to fend for themselves. I was enthusiastic about doing the same... until an NYPD officer made it clear that patrols would be active after 5pm Saturday and that anybody caught outside would be forcibly moved to shelters located in non-evacuation zones... if we did not have the dogs, I would have been pushing hard to stay.

It was at this point that we made the decision to call into action Option 2 and relocate to Hell's Kitchen. Instinctively, Karmen took the reins and began a comprehensive packing and planning strategy. This is a trait I admire dearly and is one which I lack at times.

What did I do? I began preparations for that which you will find in my next post..

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