Saturday, August 27, 2011


In preparation for the arrival of Irene we began to plan out some options. The first was to flee by car to a nice Bed & Breakfast in the Poconos mountains in Pennsylvania. Two dogs increased the difficulty of securing this option and the decision was made to scrap it.

Option two was to secure a location in Manhattan that was not near the water and not located within a potential flood evacuation zone. Fortunately, I knew we had a close friend who owns an apartment in Hells Kitchen which is presently unoccupied and partially furnished.

The third option, which I was hoping for (and Karmen was not!), was to load the apartment up with supplies and ride the storm out in the comfort of our own home. I had inquired as to what conditions our building was rated to sustain and was told it had been designed to withstand 200mph+ winds.

So, we began executing option two and option three while awaiting future tracking models and news from City Hall.

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